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Topic: migrating to Kontakt 2

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    migrating to Kontakt 2

    I've bought the Kontakt2 upgrade offer. I plan to use K2 as my instrument for GPO. I'm hoping this will be a smooth transition - anyone here doing this?

    I'd like to remove all traces of the GPO Kontakt player but leave the GPO library files unchanged - can this be done?

    Also, I noticed that the latest GPO update patch was embedded with a GPO Kontakt Player patch - are GPO library updates available without the player updates?

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    Re: migrating to Kontakt 2

    As by now you may know, there is a thread in the Support section of this site on the subject of using GPO with the full version of Kontakt. Best check there. But the gist, as I understand it, is that the GPO version comes ready programmed the samples. With Kontakt 2, you have to insert the parameters yourself.

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    Re: migrating to Kontakt 2

    Thanks, dermod, I missed that thread. Matter of fact, I posted in the wrong forum.


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