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Topic: Insert FX cause crackling noise

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    Insert FX cause crackling noise

    Noticed this problem with Kontakt 2 (version 2.0.2) when I loaded up some of the GPO instruments that use EQ in the Group Inserts.

    It's the same kind of thing that was happening on convolution before it was fixed in the 2.0.2 patch. It happens no matter what the latency setting and with or without DFD active.

    I did a search here and at the NI forum but couldn't fine any references to this problem.

    Is it just me?
    - Layne

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    Re: Insert FX cause crackling noise

    A little more info:

    This only seems to happen on the EQ when you assign a midi CC to one of the gain knobs. A lot (but not all) of the GPO intruments are programmed this way which is why I first noticed it there.

    If anyone can recreate this I'd like to know.
    - Layne

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    Re: Insert FX cause crackling noise

    How much real active RAM are you using???

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    Re: Insert FX cause crackling noise

    OK, I figured it out.

    I'm running on Windows XP Pro on a P4 (hyperthreaded). By default the use multiprocessor is turned on. If I uncheck this (under 'Options/Audio Engine) the problem goes away.

    This isn't the first audio app that's had problems with the faux-MP Hyperthreading. Its just weird that the problem only shows up under very unique conditions.
    - Layne

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    Re: Insert FX cause crackling noise

    it does mainly happen when the sends are put on the group fx,not on the insert fx. CC data brings it out. NI are aware of the bug, and it will be fixed, they say.

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