i am a computer novice who has just acquired gigastudio 2.2 and the egosys gigastation. i have an asus board with a intel 815ep chipset. when the computer recognizes the new hardware(gigastation) it asks me to download the drivers which it recognizes from the floppy. however there is an error every time i try to download the drivers, i get:

file copying problem: setup cannot find the source disk. please make sure the disk is inserted properly and then click ok to continue.
the disk is inserted properly so i click ok to the same results. then i click details and it reads:

error details: the following error occurred \'disk read fault\'(error#1e). setup could not finish copying a file. so i press cancel. and it concludes:windows encountered an error while trying to install the driver for this device. error code:137.

incidentally, in the \'read me\' file on the gigastation floppy it notes under the heading:EDWM DRIVER:hardware compatability:
must install most recent motherboard patch available for newer boards such as intel 815 etc.. and it gives a link to the intel site. the intel site is home to about a thousand downloads concerning the 815 chipset and i don\'t really even understand what i\'m looking for or if this has anything to do with the problem.
if anyone knows anything about this or has any suggestions i\'d be eternally grateful.