My son and his colleagues are planning on producing a short film on 16mm. Part of the film is of a guy buried alive. Sure, the box, the lighting and the camera positions will be challenging, but I'm worried that the sound will be the biggest problem. I'm guessing that we be spending long hours holed-up in ADR city.

I'm figuring that we can cut a small hole in the top of the box and foam mount a lav there. We wil also use a shotgun mic just outside the field of view. The problem will be that we can't really treat the box. We'll be recording more reverberation than direct sound!

Any ideas? Or do we just have to resign ourselves to hours and hours of dialog re-takes.

My guess is that we'll get the best sounds with a "dry" recording though a convolution that sounds like people think it would sound in a coffin - not the way it really sounds in a plywood box.

BTW, I'm looking forward to scoring this. The whole film will have just a few minutes of sparse underscore and some ambient sounds. No cartooning. No bombast. Just atmosphere. And maybe even some real instruments.

Anyway, your tips on the sound recording are appreciated.