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Topic: GPO Advanced in GPO Studio?

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    GPO Advanced in GPO Studio?

    Hi Gary and Tom and anyone else who is developing the GPO Advanced,

    Just a quick question, will GPO Advanced be able to run from GPO Studio??? I really enjoy working in GPO Studio alongside my sequencer, as opposed to using GPO as a VST instrument within the sequencer... Hope that running GPO Advanced in GPO Studio is what you guys have planned!

    Note: I haven't got any choice (i.e. have to run through GPO Studio) as I am stuck with Logic v5.51 on a PC so I use ASIO4ALL to wrap 2 of my soundcards channel into ASIO for GPO Studio, whilst the soundcards "original" ASIO driver is used by Logic... This way, I get to prevent the nasty hanging notes problem in Logic! And I enjoy working this way too!

    Jun - meeehoon

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    Re: GPO Advanced in GPO Studio?

    I concur, meeehoon!

    I had a dedicated machine running Gigastudio already so I decided to also install GPO on it (on a separate drive even). I've heard people say it runs smoother as a plugin to Sonar for example on the same computer, while others maintain it's best on its own machine. I use Sonar, but I too prefer to using GPO Studio with up to 64 channels available.

    I'm looking forward to GPO-A and all its new instruments and controls, but I never considered we may NOT immediately have the functionality of GPO Studio with it. It'll be interesting to see what they say.
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