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Topic: Gstudio does not recognize Mia card

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    Gstudio does not recognize Mia card

    The Settings/Hardware window in Gstudio does not show my Mia soundcard, even though the card appears to be installed and operating correctly, and is certified for Giga. I should see the card name listed in the hardware window, right? I assume this is why no sound comes out of Gstudio. The Gstudio Help is -- well, obviously you know what that is.

    It\'s been 3 weeks configuring this new PC and my faith is eroded; I would like to believe that Gstudio is more substantial than UFOs.

    Anyone out there know how to get Gstudio to wake up and smell the sound card?

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    Re: Gstudio does not recognize Mia card

    Sounds like you may need help from tech support at Tascam or perhaps Echo (or both). I\'ve set up at least 10 machines with Giga and the MIA card with no problems. I know that may not make you feel any better but at least it\'s evidence that your difficulties are not the norm. Once you succeed in getting it to work, if you hear occasional snaps in the audio you\'ll need to turn down your video hardware acceleration a notch. - Doug

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    Re: Gstudio does not recognize Mia card

    Very stange! my MIA card sound with Giga studio inclusive in Direct sound mode. Have you checked the MIA settings page? (Control panel-System- device Manager-Sound Video Games- Mia- Direct sound/GSIF)
    Are you using it with a sequencer in the same machine?

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