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Topic: Atmosphere AU update!

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    Atmosphere AU update!

    installed the latest Atmosphere update (mac) and now I don't have AU available and also the VST version will not work. I went into the Library/audio/VST folder and the
    the "Atmosphere.VST" plug was deleted!

    I downloaded the last VST version from the web site and now the VST version of Atmosphere works, but none of my programs will recognize the AU version (Melodyne, Soundtrack, Live etc...)

    Anyone else have a problem with this Atmosphere AU update on mac?

    Trilogy seems to work without a hitch.

    G5 2/2
    2.5 gig ram
    motu 828
    Cubase SX as main DAW


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    Re: Atmosphere AU update!

    Very odd....try rescanning with the AU Manager under Logic preferences.


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    Re: Atmosphere AU update!

    I'm not using Logic. I'm using Cubase SX. But I did run the plug in scan again in Live and Melodyne and it makes no difference. The AU plugin does not show up.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Atmosphere AU update!

    Weird...contact tech support. info@spectrasonics.net

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