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Topic: Virtual Grand Piano - amazing

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    Thumbs up Virtual Grand Piano - amazing

    As a new owner of VGP I'd just like to share my first impressions. Maybe this is of interest to some readers of the forum. In my opinion, this new library is nothing short of phenomenal. I have been working with sampled pianos for as long as Gigasampler/-studio exists and have always been following the new developments in this field with great interest. But never would I have expected that such a great leap forward in terms of realism would be possible. I'm aware how subjective all this is. However, no other library has ever given me this kind of instant illusion of sitting in front of a real acoustic grand before. Especially the wet patches do this for me. The simulation of dozens of different recording styles as presets is a great idea although there are of course some I'll use less often than others. The responsiveness of this instrument is by far the closest match to real grand piano that I have seen to this date. Again, this is highly subjective, although I doubt that anyone will disagree. Of course I'll still be using my other libs (EW Steinway B, Bardstown, Malsmjo, Post, Gigapiano etc), depending on the context. And I'll keep buying new releases, budget allowing. But VGP will definitely be my new default when working with piano sounds.

    Initially I was a bit skeptical about the choice of platform (i.e. Kontakt) because I only work with one DAW and a dedicated giga machine. But as it turns out, the DAW can easily handle the additional load caused by the VSTi.

    Just in case anyone wonders: Noone asked me to do advertisement for this piano, but occasionally a library comes along that just makes me want to spread some of my enthousiasm on the forum. And this is most definitely the case here.

    And btw, if anybody knows of a way to register the product *without* having to connect my DAW to the internet, please let me know.

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    Re: Virtual Grand Piano - amazing

    Are you KVR jens?

    Thanks for rubbing in the fact that I can't afford this puppy right now. I admire Hans work and I hope to be picking this one up ASAP.

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    Re: Virtual Grand Piano - amazing

    I'm not sure... What does KVR mean?
    Sorry, I didn't mean to cause you any pain by praising this piano. But the upside is that you can enjoy that exciting time of anticipation UNTIL you've got it ;-)

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    Re: Virtual Grand Piano - amazing

    I normally don't go out of my way to talk up a product on line, unless asked specifically, but I feel the same way jens does about this product. It has taken the concept of what a sampled piano can be to new heights.

    Specifically, you can actually hear the cavity of the instrument, along with the fact that it sounds like it is in a great sounding room. And I'm not talking about the "wet" patches either. The dry patches still have a sense of "space" around them. This is how I want a piano recording to sound.

    All to often, piano's are sampled and recorded with microphones close in on the strings, or the soundboard. This gives the recording (at least to my ears) an exaggerated attack. I personally have grown to despise that sound.

    Han's piano has every bit of bite that you could want, but not at the expense of a full bodied tone. It simply sounds gorgeous.

    I've said this before in other threads regarding this piano library, but the Virtual Grand makes me want to actually sit down and play. How often does that really happen with a plug-in?

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    Re: Virtual Grand Piano - amazing

    Sorry that should have read, are you the same jens that is on the KVR forum. I was just wondering. I am guessing, no.

    No problem about the VGP. I'm glad that its successful and its good to hear user responses from it. I'll be picking it up soon I hope. I always said I didn't need another piano, but maybe this will be the one?

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    Re: Virtual Grand Piano - amazing

    I just got mine and I also have to agree - very very nice.


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    Re: Virtual Grand Piano - amazing

    I completely second the positive comments.
    i'm far from being a piano expert, but all I can say is that with the other "big" libraries I own (no names), I always feel a frustrating lack of life in the sound, and, worse, either an "emptyness" OR a "muddyness" with chord voicings in the middle register which, often, push me towards the most conventionnal chordings in a very limited range.
    With VGP, like magic, it seems to my ears that every kind of voicing, with or without tensions, sounds full, balanced, AND clear in the middle part of the keyboard ....
    So yes, as long as piano is concerned, I have quite a bit of admiration for Hans' work !

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    Re: Virtual Grand Piano - amazing

    Joseph, I'm not the same Jens as in that other forum. In fact I didn't even know KVR. Looks interesting though.

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    Cool Re: Virtual Grand Piano - amazing

    Jens's right onn.

    This is the best piano I've ever played. I Have many libraries including some of the best gigastudio based pianos. But this one still rocks even as a VSTi. I've never felt the keyboard on my finger tips like I do when I play this piano. This piano even give you the illusion of makes the keys feel different to the touch, even though I've really never messed with the controller settings. I have a 88 key controller with wooden keys and awesome hammer action feel, and throw that together with the VGP and I cannot stop playing. And it mixes so well with other stuff, and still shines through brilliantly.

    I take my hat's off and very thankful to Hans and Art Vista for this incredible piano, and this awesome promotion deal. What a steal.

    Sorry for the overbragging of this piano, but I think this piano deserves a lot of praise.

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    Smile Re: Virtual Grand Piano - amazing

    Thanks Guys,

    I am overwhelmed.

    What can I say,...THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions
    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions

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