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Topic: gigapulse problem

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    Post gigapulse problem

    I'm a newbie with GS3 Ensemble, and the gigapulse that I have (short, medium, long) are not located in the Native Instruments location; rather, they are located in the .gig files, and will only come up with a .gig search. How can I place them into the NFX location so that I can use them as plug-ins.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: gigapulse problem

    "native instruments"...? Not sure what directory that is for giga? Are you maybe thinking of Kontakt?

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    Re: gigapulse problem

    I think the "ensemble" version doesn't offer stand-alone gigapulse, can only run it when embedded in the sample instruments? Could be wrong about this ... if you've got it, it's in the "system settings", "gigapulse/convolution" tab, where you specify the bank file search paths.

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