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Topic: "Best" sequencer for GPO

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    "Best" sequencer for GPO

    Hope this doesn't start a war but I could find no discussion of this. BTW I have a PC.

    Is the bundled sequencer (Overture ?) okay for getting the most out of GPO per se ? I think there are better sequencers but in terms of maximizing their use with GPO is something like Sonar overkill or not as adapted for GPO-specific use ? What more can you do with those other sequencers, are they more/less user friendly with GPO, etc., does it matter ? And if you are going to use the sequencer also for audio, etc. later which would you recommend. Would it be fine to cut your teeth with Overture for GPO and then move up to something else later ?


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    Re: "Best" sequencer for GPO

    First off, Overture is primarily a notation program that happens to have quite good sequencer-like functions. It is about to have a new version come out that expands these functions even more. The bundled sequencer that comes with GPO is Cubase SE. Cubase is one of the standard bunch of sequencer programs and as such is quite good. There are limitations to the SE version, however, and you will find that as your musical ambitions grow you will definitely want to branch out to a more complete version of Cubase or Sonar or any of the other high-end sequencer programs. The advantage of sequencers over regular notation programs is the amount of control you have over how the music is performed, but as notation programs evolve, that gap is beginning to narrow a bit.

    A lot depends on your personal method of creating music, though. If you're primarily notation based, then Overture would be fine. Finale 2006 has great integration with GPO also. If your creating method is sequencer based, then you will want a good solid performing sequencer. Many people, myself included, use both - sequencer when the songs are more improv based, and notation when you want to work out more complex pieces. Everyone has their preferences so it's really up to you to decide what will work best for you.

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    Re: "Best" sequencer for GPO

    I'm a Cakewalk guy. I can't afford Sonar, but I hear it's really good. I use Cakewalk Music Creator. It works fine, but it has the lack of VST, which means I have to use the DXi, which means I can't put a tempo change in during a playing note--it'll get stuck. Apparently that's a DXi bug that's unfixable.

    If you can afford it and you're a sequencer-type person, I'd highly recomend Sonar. If not, do some research on Cakewalk products. I happen to really like Cakewalk software, but some like Steinberg better (Cubase, Nuendo...). I personally don't understand it one bit and have yet to figure out the bundled Cubasis.

    If you're the notation type, I HIGHLY recomend you just use the bundled Overture SE. It works VERY well with GPO IMO.

    Try out the bundled software, and see what type of composer you are. Music Creator is very inexpensive ($40 I think), about the same price as Noteworthy Composer, which is also a good notation program to use with GPO. You can download a free evaluation of NWC here: http://www.noteworthysoftware.com/composer/evaluate.htm


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    Re: "Best" sequencer for GPO

    I've been Cakewalk/Sonar guy since 1997. It's tough to go wrong there.


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    Re: "Best" sequencer for GPO

    Finale 2006

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    Re: "Best" sequencer for GPO

    Yes, Finale 2006.

    Human Playback with GPO is very good.

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    Re: "Best" sequencer for GPO

    I use both Finale (2004) and SONAR (4P). Before getting GPO, I did all my MIDI stuff in Finale and imported it into SONAR, since I was more at home with notation than piano rolls (yeah, SONAR has a staff view, but it's not quite as flexible).

    But since getting GPO, I find it's much easier to get a more expressive sound -- and, more and more importantly, edit the CC data if necessary -- recording from a MIDI keyboard or wind controller in SONAR. And with the ability to "freeze" a GPO instance once I've got it the way I like it (thus reclaiming memory and processor power), I can put in as many GPO instruments as I want without worrying about CPU load.

    I haven't really played around with the bundled software, so I don't have a basis for comparison.
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