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Topic: Keeping cool...

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    Keeping cool...

    Lost my cool yesterday! My few months\' old 18 gig IBM Ultrastar U160 SCSI Drive crashed. I was having a real nightmare trying to recover MANY bad blocks. Couldn\'t understand why it happened. Things were going well for a while then suddenly - crashed. Opened up my casing and to my horror, I felt the SCSI drive to be burning hot (I could have fried an egg on it!). Btw, I got 2 SCSI drives and 1 ATA66 HD. Finally, I had to re-format the whole drive, ran Scan Disc many times and verified the drive etc. I really hope this is not a sign of a dying HD since I only got it for a few months.

    Anyhow, I bought 2 HD coolers today (Cool Drive from Coolermaster) - great stuff. It works on the principle of a heat sink with a fan. Now my drives are cool! But now my DAW is making more noise than ever with the extra fans (can\'t have the best from both worlds I guess...). The aluminium casings do muffle the sound of the spinning drives though.

    I wonder what the rest of you guys are using to cool your drives, especially those of you using fast SCSI drives that generate a lot of heat.

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    Re: Keeping cool...

    I had a Dual Ultra Wide Cheetah SCSI for audio and Ultra wide Barracuda for Gigasamples and ATA 66 Maxtor for boot drive. Well, after about a year, the Dual SCSI (my baby!!) died on me. Just too much darn heat in the casing! I had to learn the hard way.

    So, I replaced the Dual SCSI with an external Dual scsi. But like you, noisy as all get out!!! As I said before, I have to learn the hard way.

    I cool off the remaining SCSI drive I have by removing the vacant drive bay cover on the front of the computer case. Boy, amazing to feel all that heat hit my legs under the desk as I use Giga. But relieved it\'s coming out of the computer rather than fry my second SCSI.

    Also, running a quiet air conditioner helps to keep a computer cooler. I didn\'t have an air con when my first Dual SCSI died.

    How would I do it now, if I could start all over...Soundchaser or someone caparable who just knows music computer issues ahead of time.

    Sounds like the casings will help you cool those drives off and if you can afford it in terms of space, go to Gefen sound effects e-store and check out their computer isolation product. It basically gets your computer in another room away from you and recording.

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    Re: Keeping cool...

    I haven\'t had a problem with heat, but it\'s probably worth noting that the fastest drives like the new 10K rpm scsis are going to be the hottest drives, but it may be overkill in a modern machine, 7200 rpm UATA100 drives are plenty fast and can run cool. My IBM 60GXPs are faster, cooler, and quieter than my formerly top of the line u160 scsi drives. On my latest machine I have a \'whisper\' fan (pretty much inaudible in the case) blowing over the 2 ibm drives, but I believe it\'s not even necessary; in my experience they hardly got warm to the touch.

    Scary if you\'re having heat problems with drives, you have to be able to rely on them!

    One more thing, my latest case is an Antec, which is well set up for drive cooling, you can open the case in about 3 seconds, press a lever to pop out the drive cage, which has a fan mount at the front. I don\'t know if all their cases are good, but this one is the best thought out case I\'ve seen.

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    Re: Keeping cool...

    Sam, what\'s the model # on your Antec case?

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    Re: Keeping cool...

    You may want to check to see if you\'re IBM drive is still under warranty. They should not run that hot under normal conditions.

    It amazes how many SCSI hard drive failures I\'ve had in the past year in the servers I support. All have been 10,000 RPM drive in Compaq servers. Much higher failure rate on these than the IDE drives I support. The failure rate is 10 to 1 with SCSI versus IDE! I don\'t know if this is common or what!

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    Re: Keeping cool...

    I believe hard disc streaming really push the drive to it\'s limit at times. Of my 2 SCSI drives, it\'s the one with my gig files that turns really hot.

    Anyhow, I\'m glad I manage to salvage my hard drive after recovering those bad blocks that appear out of a sudden. My only problem is the loud whirring noise my PC makes each time I turn it on due to the extra fans! It\'s like starting an airplane! I\'d rather have the noise than my hard drive dying on me.

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    Re: Keeping cool...

    Ursatz, it\'s the SX630. Since I have URL\'s (sorry to the extent this is OT)

    I had a quiet fan lying around, it was one of these, very quiet but doesn\'t move quite the air of a louder fan:

    When I\'ve ordered from these guys they also throw in brass thumb screws for your case, which is a great \'freebie\'

    You can see where the fan pops into the drive bay here:

    Maybe cases aren\'t so cool, but I really liked putting this one together, one click to open the case, then the drives pop out with one lever, pop a fan over the drives with no tools, you can slide the 5.25\" drives in and out without tools, but they also latch securely.

    The goodness of this case is on my mind, both because I just assembled it as my giga machine, but because I just put another drive in my main DAW, and by comparison I couldn\'t believe the amount of work. Harder to open the case, then I needed access to the drive bay which doesn\'t pop out, so I had to remove the other case cover to get at the far side screws. Wait, they\'re covered by the slide out mainboard pan. Wait can\'t slide it until I disconnect all the durn led leads from the mainboard, OK now I can slide it, but the SCSI cable catches on the case, have to pop that too, finally can think about installing the drive, whew, and I can\'t even get fans to blow over it... What would have been 5 mins on the new case was about 2 hours of cursing under my desk instead. And this case is not bad at all compared to some of my others...

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    Re: Keeping cool...

    I\'ve also run into the dilemma of needing fast SCSI drives but also needing a quiet computer. My original GS drive, an IBM Neptune 18G 7200, only put out about 7W at idle, so I was able to use a Silentdrive enclosure which can dissipate that much heat. But with all these new libraries I\'ve been buying this year, I\'ve run out of space real fast. All of the older 73G SCSI drives run too hot and noisy. Luckily, the latest generation of 73G, 10K drives only put out around only around 10W. I selected the Seagate Cheeta 73LP, but at 36dB at idle, it\'s still too noisy for my studio. Putting it in a Silentdrive enclosure and then stuffing it into my PC would have made it overheat and die real fast. What I\'ve done is mount the drive inside a Silentdrive enclosure, but put it in one of the bays in front of my computer, tightly binding the heat plates the the computer case for better dissipation. Then I mounted a 12 volt, 3 1/2\" muffin fan running at 7 volts right in front of the bay to provide heat removal. Now I have a quiet, cool PC with fast hard drives and no compromises for heat or noise.

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