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Topic: Japanese corporate jingle becomes smash hit

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    Japanese corporate jingle becomes smash hit



    YOKOHAMA (Kyodo): One of the hottest companies in Japan today doesn't produce cars, electronics or, for that matter, anything else. Its business is pure destruction, and by singing its praises the tiny Yokohama demolition firm has become dynamite.

    Nihon Break Kogyo Co.'s song splashed onto Oricon, one of the nation's most influential music charts, on Monday. It is the first time a "shaka," or corporate anthem, has made the charts, according to Oricon Inc., a major Tokyo music information provider.

    "Nihon Break Kogyo Co., Shaka" was released Dec. 17 by Infinite Records. It was composed two years ago for business use and was nearly forgotten by the company, until it suddenly entered the nationwide spotlight when it was picked up by a TV program in late October. It immediately created a sensation, mostly with teenagers.

    The song ranked 22nd in its debut on Oricon's weekly chart of the top 100 CD singles, just five notches under "No Way to Say" by Japanese diva Ayumi Hamasaki, and five notches above "Rock With You" by BoA, a teenage South Korean singer hugely popular in Japan.

    Unlike the stiff, propagandalike nature of regular Japanese corporate anthems, the up-tempo rock tune, written and performed by a Nihon Break Kogyo demolition worker, sounds like the themes from old Japanese animated films featuring superheroes.

    But the humorous lyrics reflect the pure corporate anthem spirit of promoting the company -- "We will destroy houses! We will destroy bridges! We will destroy buildings! To the east, to the west -- Run, Run, Nihon Break Kogyo!"

    "We decided to sell CD copies of our company song simply because we didn't want to handle so many phone calls and Internet inquiries any more," said Shogo Kurita, a Nihon Break Kogyo board member.

    "The lyrics have an enormous impact. Maybe this song is more radical and aggressive than songs created by mediocre punk rock bands," said a review on Amazon.co.jp.
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    Re: Japanese corporate jingle becomes smash hit

    nothing like the spirit of Japan and it's silly economy and there "we have to rebuild even when we don't have to rebuild"..."see that Road tear is down and build another, why well because see money and bla bla bla....The road is actually fine" LOL!!!! Got to a love it!
    and (Max Matsurra) was over throne wow!!! (Ayumi Hamasaki)
    Can't be producing the hottest songs all the time^_* of course nothing better then JPOP.
    All I can Say is...HA!...HA!...HAAAAAAA!!!!!

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    Red face Re: Japanese corporate jingle becomes smash hit

    The power of media sometime scares me...
    Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)

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    Re: Japanese corporate jingle becomes smash hit

    ok, well now i gotta hear it!

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    Re: Japanese corporate jingle becomes smash hit

    No mp3s online

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    Re: Japanese corporate jingle becomes smash hit

    Pop culture and trend at it's best. That's truly humorous!
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