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Topic: please check this out

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    please check this out

    first of all, i know that this is the place where the most gifted ears regularly check in, so this is why i am posting here. (sorry if it is a bit OT)

    i just wanted to know your opinion on the singing on this song:


    in rapidshare, you need to scroll down, put "free" and then scroll down again and wait a couple of seconds and then download.

    any comments appreciated. please be brutally honest

    thanx in advance.

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    Re: please check this out

    Sounds like something out of Rocky Horror!

    The vocal is streched, shouty, and comes across quite strained and 'thin' at times.

    I think some vocal training would benefit you, as you are hitting the right notes - there is nothing really wrong with the pitch - but the timbre and tonality of your voice could, and can be improved.

    Sorry if this sounds overly critical - but you are in tune, and in time. You just need to work on using your diaphragm rather than throat a bit more.

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    Re: please check this out


    i really appreciate it

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    Re: please check this out

    The second time on these forums that I've posted potentially offensive critisicm, only to be met with gratitude and politeness! I appreciate that you took my comments in good faith - just work on the breathing/singing technique and mixing. Oh - and post the mark II version here when you've finished for everyone to hear!

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