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Topic: Using Magnus Ambience with GPO on Sonar2

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    Using Magnus Ambience with GPO on Sonar2

    Apologies in advance if I get some of this terminology wrong.

    Having been using GPO with Ambience for a while I'm impressed with both the sounds and the reverb element. My question is:

    How can I use Ambience as an effect from within Sonar2 rather than have it load as part of launching GPO? I've tried to install it from the (4th) GPO disk and get a "not recognised as a proper file" error. So I then downloaded it as a zipped file directly from the Magnus site. After unzipping it and (as per Magnus instructions) trying to find the right place to copy it to (VST Plugins folder) I tried to get Sonar2 to recognise the effect - and failed, compeltely.
    A helpful response on the Cakewalk forum suggested that it should work but added I needed to ensure I had the "VST Adaptor wrapper" which is not something that I understood (although I'm sure he's correct).

    The Magnus Ambience is excellent (good choice GPO!) and I really want to continue using that via the DXi route (so as to get the audio side of things and burn CDs).

    Could someone help and tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    Many thanks (in anticipation).


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    Re: Using Magnus Ambience with GPO on Sonar2

    Managed to get this sorted. My naivety was around 'wrapping' (which I've just rapidly learnt about!) and I'm now a happy bunny. Recommend the DirectiXer software which, as I managed to use it first time, must be simple!

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