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Topic: opening old performances after hard drive migration?

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    Question opening old performances after hard drive migration?

    A question to the experts:

    I just built a new machine w/ a multi-disk hardware raid (ata/133) on the mobo. I now have a 300 gig raid for most of my gig library.

    I moved data from older, smaller, slower drives, to the 300 gig raid.


    When opening up previously saved performances, GS3 gets rather stupid - and does not let me point it toward the correct .gig files. Am I doing something wrong? (in other words, I'd like GS3 to ask me where the correct gig files live, and re-save the performance - can this be done?)

    FYI, my performance files are saved on my C drive (also brand new), and is not included in the QS database. Does this matter?

    I want to open my old saved perf files. Can I?

    Any advice for people in my situation (moving hard drives and data around)?



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    Re: opening old performances after hard drive migration?

    Don't know an answer to your question, and I've never succeeded in retrieving performances with invalid path names (though have had to try a few times) - -

    but using the bank/patch manager and exporting patch names to a text file is helpful in many situations, at least so you could reconstruct old performances. Could also temporarily re-name your drive to the drive letter you used to use, then load and save the patch names, then go back to your preferred drive letters, and re-construct the performance.

    That "bank/patch manager" seems to have been improved in one of the patches, too -- now you can give a new bank and instrument number to any loaded instrument, presumably just for the performance.

    Not that fast a work around, however....

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