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Topic: has anyone seen brass by arturia

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    has anyone seen brass by arturia

    I saw a add for this over the weekend and listened to a couple of their demos, just wanted to know if anyone else had heard and what you thought Jeff

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    Re: has anyone seen brass by arturia

    a COUPLE of their demos ?
    You're lucky !
    For ages now, I've seen on their site ONE short -and not too exciting- solo trumpet demo, joined to a "other examples coming soon"...
    .... And also, a mention about a shipping in june/july, which, obviously, has not been updated.
    I had sent them a message for details about shipping date and product specifications (brass is really what I'm looking for those days), but they never cared to reply.
    I believe more interesting and less "vapor" things are about to be released in this departmnet, so I'll wait and see.

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    Re: has anyone seen brass by arturia

    Let me just add...

    I bought the Anturia "Vintage Pack" last month. I had some trouble with registration, as well as downloading an update, and I never received any reply from the several emails I had sent.

    I was even ignored going through there "formal" tech support channels.

    I have heard of similar experiences from others.

    So, I feel a need to at least warn others about their "customer service". From what I have personally seen, it is completely non-exsistant.

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    Re: has anyone seen brass by arturia

    your right it was only one trumpet sound which wasnt done well but I could hear some good possabilties, Jeff

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    Re: has anyone seen brass by arturia

    Ive mentioned this before but patchmen music has a chip they put in the yamaha vl 70 that really turns it into a great insturment, listen to his demos, I think the sax sound is really good Jeff

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    Re: has anyone seen brass by arturia

    Arturia's BRASS is still in the works, from what I understand. This is a new type of physical modeling that's created in conjunction with the academics at IRCAM. I wouldn't be surprised if it took some time to get a truly solid release. The first demo that came out was a bit iffy, to say the least, and while the second one was better, I think they're taking their time to really nail things down. And given that IRCAM is an academic institution, and not a commercial one, I'd expect some schedule slip on that basis alone.

    I've heard from folks that the physical modeling add-on cards that Yamaha puts out for their keyboards is not the same quality as their top-end PM synths. I'd like to hear some demos from the Patchman programming for the VL70m - that could be interesting.

    As far as not getting a response from Arturia on a support issue for installing the Vintage Collection, I'm surprised. My understanding is that they largely sold out before the deadline on the limited release, and the remainder is in the hands of retailers and going fast. With so many units in the field and not too much squawking about authorization, I'd say it's a pretty successful release. If you tried the standard support channel and didn't get a response, I'd say try it again or post on their support forum. Something about that doesn't seem right, considering that I've been able to send emails back and forth with them several times since the winter NAMM show. Maybe it's something wrong with their web form - it's worth double-checking from both sides... I'll ping my contact there and will let you know here or through PM.
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