Hopefully the forum monitor won't think I'm a Bigfish Audio schill. But I have been waiting for this product for quite some time. I was using EMU/Roland hardware samplers for years, while I drueled over using a Giga/Creamware DAW. No way was I giving up my hardware. Needless to say I'm one of you guys now. But still was not happy with section sounds that we're commercially available. I didn't want any more Glenn Miller sounds coming out of my rig, unless I had a live ensemble supplementing the sound. I definately won't play solo sax sounds either. Brass solos are passable, thanks to Nick Phoenix, but the section sounds were, well lacking. I've worked with horns and never could pull it off to my liking. My patches reminded of 6 old white guys snapping their fingers in between licks. Well not anymore. Check out First Call Horns. No more picky sniveling from me.