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Topic: "Stomp" style library

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    "Stomp" style library

    I will be working on a project that is a take on "Stomp". You know where the dancers and musicians use street type of materials to make their percussion. Would love to know what your thoughts are on some good libraries to emulate these type of sounds. The budget is not there to go and field record. thanks.


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    Re: "Stomp" style library

    Stormdrum. There are also a lot of those types of sounds in Stylus RMX.

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    Re: "Stomp" style library

    Project Sam has a free GIG file with really decent stomps in it.


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    Re: "Stomp" style library

    You may also want to look into some sound effects libraries.
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    Re: "Stomp" style library

    I think he means found-object percussion - not actual stomps.
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    Post Re: "Stomp" style library

    Hello Mitch,

    Take a look at Sonic Implants "Noise Pollution" bank for Giga, Kurzweil or Soundfont formats. It's an excellent collection of percussive sounds in the "Stomp" style you mentioned.

    Here's the link:





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    Re: "Stomp" style library

    Also, something I've tried in additon to Sonic Implants library is to just sample a mess of pots and pans from my own kitchen. It took me only a few hours of recording single hits to get a nice palette of extra sounds. So if you have that inclination that could help and it would be free. Just a thought.
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    Re: "Stomp" style library

    Here are some free samples (Giga/Kontakt & WAV) you might want to consider too

    Kitchen Percussion

    Washing Machine and Dryer Loops & Hits

    And this commercial one :

    Experimental 1 - Beat The Bushes
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    Re: "Stomp" style library

    sigh...doesn't anyone actually stand in front of a microphone and just play any more?

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    Re: "Stomp" style library

    microphone???? what the hell is a microphone? is it a sample library?

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