hi all,
I\'m still in the middle of testing my new Giga rig.
Whenever i import a multidisk in giga ...it takes a LONGGG time and it end up crashing before it completes the import...any solutions ???
My set up is : Asus AV7133, Athlon 1.4 Ghz, 40 Gb IBM 7200 on Main IDE bus ( as master ), Sony CD rom on Secondary IDE ( as master ), 60 Gb IBM 7200 on Main ATA100 bus as master ( the A7V133 has a ATA100 controller built in ).
i read different posts regarding the ATA100 controller and it seems like people are having mixed results....but the my system been running for the past 30 minutes non-stop playing up to 156 voices with no clicks-pops at all so i hate to change the config..any idea ??? thanks
oh yeah, my sound card is a delta 1010 with a PC flyer midi interface.