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Topic: Cubase VST/24 crashes with giga

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    Cubase VST/24 crashes with giga

    I recently upgraded my system from Cubase VST to VST/24. Also changed my souncards from a Darla(cubase) & Montego(giga) to two DS2416\'s(Cubase) & Darla(giga)and a Diamond Monster fusion video card. The problem is that when I close either Giga or Cubase, my system crashes randomly. Not your typical blue screen crash, but rather it shuts down completely. If I uninstall giga the problem disappears. Any thoughts? Is it a video card issue?

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    Re: Cubase VST/24 crashes with giga

    Make sure you have 1.6 GigaSampler. There were some problems with the Darla with earlier versions that could cause freezes and crashes. Let us know if this is the case.

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