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Topic: GS3 AMD X2 compatible

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    Talking GS3 AMD X2 compatible

    a couple days ago i wrote that GS3 is NOT AMD X2 DC compat.
    this is not true anymore i have no idea what went wrong in my older test configuration but its working well now!

    can anyone with a AMD 64 3500 please test this:

    load in all 3 giga/megapianos with no convolution reverb (so that no convolution rev. is loaded) then prepare one track that plays 200 voices and copy it on the next 2 midi channels. now gs should playback 600 voices. what is you cpu meter in win task manager showing are you getting voice hickups?

    on the AMD X2 system i am testing right now, i have the latency set at 1.5 ms and while playing back 660 voices the cpu meter shows about 55% and both cores are showing activity, but only the 2. is high (lets say 70%) and the 1. is at about 10%). now when i load in a conv. reverb the first core is getting more active so it seems that the playback section is using core 2 and gigapulse core 1. so that tells me gigastudio is not really multithreaded but it splits the playback section on core 2 and gigapulse on core 1. after about 700 voices i got hickups (i have a raptor in raid 0 which gives me 120mb on this pc, this should playback more voices), after i switched gs to running only on 1 core the hickup are gone.

    then i switched cubase to tun only on core one and loaded some vsti´s which are running perfect along with gs3 on core2.

    so, thats nice i would say.
    Digital AudionetworX

    mac - pc - gigastudio
    berlin - germany

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    Red face Re: GS3 AMD X2 compatible

    That's kinda cool.
    I wonder if a sub-release GS 3.2 release could separate Gigapulse from the Gs main app for dual CPU... They've almost released GP as a vst! So it's not totally Gs reliant! Hmm that's cool you've been able to test this. I just settled on a Asus A8V deluxe and a A 64 3500+. with 2 gigs of ram coming in the mail... Can't wait as I've been running a P3 with 512 ram and haven't really "heard" gigapulse!

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    Re: GS3 AMD X2 compatible

    i played a little bit more with and my conclusion is that i would only suggest a dc system to people which want to run the sequencer on the same system.
    i have no idea if it runs well with other sequncer but with cubase/nuendo it works great so far (both running on their own core).
    Digital AudionetworX

    mac - pc - gigastudio
    berlin - germany

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