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Topic: How do I build my own GigaPc?

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    How do I build my own GigaPc?

    I'm about to get a new PC for my Giga, which I haven't been using that much until now. Can anyone direct me to information regarding specs and preferred components?


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    Re: How do I build my own GigaPc?

    People are very helpful here, as you'll see. Just read the threads in here and in the "hardware" section. Do some searches in the option above. Try to learn as much as you can. Then, when you have specific questions, post again, and they will be answered. Finally, once you've figured out exactly what you're going to build, send me money so I can quit lurking after all this time, and build my own. Good luck, and "thank you for the money" in advance.
    "They get what they vote for." PaulR

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    Re: How do I build my own GigaPc?

    There are also lots of custom DAW builders on the web that do nothing but build DAWs. I would recommend www.visiondaw.com or www.pcaudiolabs.com or www.sonicalabs.com .

    Just some ideas in addition to using the resources of this wonderful forum.

    Mixednuts (aka Rob)

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    Re: How do I build my own GigaPc?

    There is this school of thought:

    Don't worry about it, cuz it'll never work on the first try. Make/Buy a random box so you can get right down to the mandatory 6 months of hardware changes and reinstalls that it'll take you to make it wok as well as you'd like.


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    Re: How do I build my own GigaPc?

    The AMD64 cpus seem to work rather well with giga. You may consider getting one of these new motherboards that can handle up to 8gigs of ram (in wait for the - hopefully - imminent advent of 64bit and the smashing of the 2gig ram barrier). Hard drive - any will do, the faster the better though. If the system is going to be right beside you while working on music, consider liquid cooling as opposed to fans for maximum silence.

    PC building (even for giga) need not be a nightmare.

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    Re: How do I build my own GigaPc?

    I am currently building a giga pc. If you email of PM me with specific questions I'd be happy to answer your questions if I can. I'll PM you the parts I plan on purchasing if you want. I am building the computer from seperate parts. Some people aren't comfortable with that, which is understandable, but I'd be glad to help you out.

    One peice of advice to all giga PC builders: I hear that the Serial ATA hard drive interfaces are much faster than the standard IDE interfaces. I think the SCSI's are even faster, but not sure. Serial ATA highly recomended, though.


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    Thumbs up Re: How do I build my own GigaPc?

    Thank you to everybody. I will consider buying a PC made specific for Giga, since I have just managed to sell my old O2R, not for a fair price, but the price I wanted (big sigh!).

    regards Stig

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    Unhappy Re: How do I build my own GigaPc?

    I'm sorry to say that I went for a stable platform, cause half the time I'm playing live. The p4 3.4ghz northwood/canterwood ES combo. It's quite stable, and minimal cooling was required. But a friend of mine just built his DAW with a Pentium M 780/ Asus 479 converter. He overclocks it to 2822mhz, all without a noisy HSF combo.
    It's super stable, cool, quiet, and can get 20% more instances of Gigapulse than my DAW. I'm just glad I only use Gigapulse for resonant body impulses, or I'd be pissed, and envious.
    The AMD choice is good also, however for stable single threaded apps, the Pentium M cannot be beat. The old PIII design lives on in the M. If Intel continues this design in the Yonah, it will be the best design for audio, period.

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    Re: How do I build my own GigaPc?

    you are right with the pentium-m adapter but overclcking it is not that easy and you must have some good overclocking knowledge.
    also: i trust you that what you are saying is right but 2900mhz is just not normal!
    also i dont really believe that he did it with the regular boxed cooler and with no extra chipset cooler. after 2600mhz my chipsetcooler got so hot and the system so unstable that i had to ad a fan on the chipsetcooler.
    then i have to mention that its not possible to place a regular cpu cooler on it.
    just a few modified cooler are fiting right on it.

    but if you got everything together it really can beat any other single core cpu´s and i seems to be made just for gigastudio
    Digital AudionetworX

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    Arrow Re: How do I build my own GigaPc?

    Dear Sir,
    You are absolutely right. He has customised the Asus fan somehow with a Mag-Lev Sunon AC, that has 3 speeds. The 915 chipset also has been modified with a different heatsink made of copper. This guy is a major tweaker. He loves GS3/ but you can find him going from super fast f.p.s on a game, to playing Chopin. He swears the M is the gamers CPU, and the GS3's CPU.
    I was wrong about the MHz being stable at 2900mhz. It's stability sweet-spot is was 2800mhz +. Pretty close.
    I will try to tolerate his arrogance again on Labor Day. I will post his tips. He was responsible for building my DAW. It's a Supermicro P4SCT+II, with a 3.4GHz ES, overclocked to 3655MHz. But that's why I was shocked by the M. The M, acts like it runs at 4000MHz!!! And 1/3 the noise of my box, which has a few tricks of it's own.

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