Hi all! I have a PIII 800 Mhz with 512mb RAM and a Biostar motherboard. I use Gigastudio 160 (2.20) with a mac running Digital Performer 3.0. My audio card is a Tascam 822.

2 big problems:

Firstly, my computer will intermittently not start up. It freezes one out of two times on \"Verifying DMI Pool Data.\" This appears after the Windows 98 Splash Screen. It will usually reboot by restarting several times. By doing a step by step confirmation, I have revealed that the file \"C:\\PROGRA~1\\NEMESYS\\GSTUDIO\\VRTKRNLD.VXD\ " freezes startup. I usually leave my PC on 24/7 to have minimal startup freezes, but I need to get to the bottom of this!!!

Secondly, this is a problem shared by a friend of mine. Also intermittent, often when the polyphony is high for a while (say around 100) Gigastudio freezes. I don’t loose control of the computer, but Gigastudio freaks out playing all sort of stuff with the samples I have loaded. When I send it a panic all notes off, it plays even more!!! It takes three or four panic commands to get it to stop, then it doesn’t respond to anything. This can usually be fixed by rebooting Gigastudio, but sometimes the computer has to be restarted, which is an obvious problem for me. Please help!