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Topic: Where are the Ambience rooms in Finale06?

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    Question Where are the Ambience rooms in Finale06?

    I finally received Finale06 and got it installed and so far everything works smoothly - except, there are no Ambience rooms to choose in the Mixer. Ambience itself is there and works fine; it seems to be the latest version - it's slightly larger than the old version that came with GPO. And the same version used in Cubasis has the usual list of rooms to choose among. What am I missing here?

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    Re: Where are the Ambience rooms in Finale06?

    Nickie, there are no presets available in the Finale version.

    Apparently it is one of the many things that are hoped to be picked up in the free maintenance release that is being worked on.
    Richard N.

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    Re: Where are the Ambience rooms in Finale06?

    OK, so that's how it is. Someone else talked about presets in another forum as if they exist, so I thought I had missed something. Thanks Richard. No need to keep searching then.

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