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Topic: Non-vcache upper limit?

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    Non-vcache upper limit?

    Have read most threads on vcache. My question : Is there (on some systems) an upper limit on non-vcached RAM for non-crash stability?
    Case in point: P3-700, Asus P3V4X, 640Meg PC133 RAM, Win98, Maxtor 20G ATA-100 7200 rpm boot drive, 2nd Gigs drive same type. Sampler LE, HolyGrail (364 Meg) piano as main sound, M-Aud. Audiophile 24/96, BlasterLive, etc.
    CacheMan ver. 5. most settings set to max. VCache min/max further tweaked to 25% of RAM (163840) chunk 512. This is rock stable, and there are no clicks/pops. I only use 1 or two instruments at a time, and LE has a 48 poly limit. Non-vcached RAM is 476 Meg (notice how this is just below 512 Meg)..

    But, I have bigger future loads & GS-96 planned so....

    O.K. so, I put in 768 RAM, adjust vcache back to 25% again (this is now 196608, max & min, chunk still 512), and, left over non-vacached RAM is 571392k (572 Meg). (notice this left-over RAM is now past 512 Meg). This set up lasts 5 minutes - even in Office stuff, and the system dies, shuts off. (Same of course for 896 & 1024 Meg RAM -which I tried)... 640 Meg is the limit.
    -What about this?: Could I use 768, but increase the vcache to around 31%, so that the non-vcached RAM stays at or below 512 Meg? I.E: at 768 Meg RAM installed, I would min/max vcache 256Meg (or 256000k). What\'s the harm in going over 25%? Someone wrote in here with 1 Gig RAM, and had max vcache at 50% (512). If there\'s tons left over for applications, isn\'t this o.k.? Also, the Grail piano is a busy complex dynamic beast, and getting upwards of 70% of it cached into RAM is just more sensible from a clean/fast standpoint.

    So, is - for my ancient 1-year old system - the upper stable limit of non-vached RAM, 512 Meg? Is it something else causing the crashes? The RAM is good (no bad blocks). You guys with stable 768 or 1Gig RAM systems and Win98 - what\'s the catch? Someone mentioned tweaking I/O voltages in BIOS, but I\'m loath to go in there. Besides, the board I have is fairly automated.

    Any help would be really appreciated!

    p.s. that slider we have read about in Halion - where you can bring over piles of the sample into RAM - is that effectively the same as setting a big vcache?

    p.s.2: I ordered Studio96 in early July - not arrived yet. Order went through at site fine - no bounce back etc. I made 6 or more inquiries to Nemesys/Tascam, no result. Any one else in similar spot?

    p.s.3: If anyone is interested, the HolyGrail Kawai (platinum giga 364 Meg load) is very nice to play - the inter-string sympathetic resonance is the real secret - chords sound like chords, and individual notes have other notes ringing in them - this is key to realism (esp. jazz). I layer mine with outboard GEM Pro-1 module & Oberheim mini grand (both have added cross-string sympathetics). I\'d like to run the Grail out at 24/96 for even more dynamics - need GS96. Anyone doing this yet?

    p.s.4: Yamaha has (finally!!!) added sympathetic resonance to its top Clavinovas!!
    The CLP-990 I believe, has sympathetics, all 88 notes sampled, 5 velocity layers, and it reserves about 81 Meg for piano-1 (not bad, considering where things were just 2 years ago - a few hundred k per sound & no sympathetics). Maybe, in 5 years, we\'ll see
    3 gigs, 24-bit, 30 velocity layers, etc. It\'s not unthinkable.

    Cheers all! & happy music making! -Stories777.

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    Re: Non-vcache upper limit?

    I wouldn\'t make your posts to long. I did this and nobody replied.

    I don\'t have time to read it. Sorry!


    PS my sys runs better without any vcache settings. Running 768meg !!!

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    Re: Non-vcache upper limit?

    Vcache setting is tricky, normally about 25% of your total installed-RAM is most efficient used for Giga. However, for the expert users, they don\'t keep same everytimes, due to each audio apps (cakewalk, Cubase, etc) might required different tasks (samples, audio tracks, MIDI tracks, standalone/dedicated).
    For further info. you might contact to Tascam to see what they suggest.

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