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Topic: GS3.1 project file loses data after crash

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    GS3.1 project file loses data after crash

    This is a weird problem. I know three GS3.1 users who have had this happen.

    GS3.1 quits or hangs (both have had the same result). After re-booting you go back to the file you were working on and it now has no data in it, showing 16k in the file size. Before the crash, your saved verion had 3500kb+ of data, so something in the crash wipes the project file clean.

    I have also had this happen following a gigantic midi burst and hang, but it can be prompted by a crash on save as well.

    Anyone experience this? I'm running GS3.10 on a dedicated 3.04Ghz system, 2gig ram, XP.


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    Re: GS3.1 project file loses data after crash

    Thanks for replying.

    Does this mean there is a file size limit beyond which things get unstable? Interesting point as I can only remember this happening with large file sizes.

    I would have to hope this wouldn't be the case as with any orchestral setup you are going to get bigge file sizes and I'm sure we would have heard about it from other users as well.

    I think I kept some gigadiagnostics following the crashes if anyone is any good at interpetting them (I'm not)


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