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Topic: Pop Brass

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    Pop Brass

    Anybody have some good suggestions for Pop brass at this point? I realize only about 1/10 the demand is still here for brass, but occassionally you know..... Just curious what people are using.


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    A couple of years ago Quantum Leap Brass was the mainstay, albeit orchestrally focused. But now AMG Kick ~~~ Brass is an attempt at pop brass. I have both libraries, and they are good, but I just did buy First Call Horns, and I can tell you it is exactly up our alley ( Section sounds are abundant) for pop, rock, R & B, and jazz. The other libraries are just too clean in the section samples. Get all 3. You can't go wrong. But if your budget orientated, go for First Call. It's a must have.

    Jimmy V.

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    Talking Re: Pop Brass

    MAra Jade....

    god I'm a geek

    nothing beats a real horn section, but a combination of all pop brass libs tends to be the best for people focusing on writing those styles. You'll need all the different variations of rips/falls, accents, do-its, shakes, turnarounds, whatever...

    using sampler processing techniques like time stretch and tone shifitng helps alot too.

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    Re: Pop Brass

    I have QL Brass which I bought really cheap when they were blowing out the EMU versions. but I've never taken the time to set it up in Kontakt. Guess I better get to work. I'll check out First Call Brass. Who makes it?


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    Re: Pop Brass

    Big Fish makes it.

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    Re: Pop Brass

    Making QL brass work for pop is like making Kieth Richard's guitar work for Van Halen. Seriously, with gigastudio 3 out now, and midi rules, someone should do the pop thing right. I WILL BUY IT when it is right, ie play a cluster and have separate horns for the "stack". come on you genius sampler computer musician geeks! get rich!

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