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Topic: I'm unstopable. More piano.

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    I'm unstopable. More piano.

    Well, here is an other piano piece for the third night in a row. I better stop posting these before you guys come over to my house and smash my key board to little tiny unplayable bits.....

    I hope you Enjoy this one too.

    Over and out,
    _/) THe NUt. _/)

    (The Nut )


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    Re: I'm unstopable. More piano.

    Hi 88fingers!

    You're right!! You are unstopable This one is very enjoyable also! It has a romantic feel to it and is just plain great! I know that I won't get sick of you posting demos because I enjoy your playing!! Bravo my friend Bravo


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    Re: I'm unstopable. More piano.

    really nice! The melody Almost sounds like the intermezzo one of the acts from Carmen. But that's not a bad thing right? I wish I could be as unstoppable with my orchestral pieces. I only have one ( my first) out now.

    Next one should be done in a day or two.

    Great job!
    Chef Marco Teti
    (Fine Replicated swords)

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    Thumbs up Re: I'm unstopable. More piano.

    Yeah, I concur it does have a romantic flavor to it! What you need now are more fingers. 88 won't be enough to keep up!

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