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Topic: Concert Piece for Cor Anglais & the GPO Orch

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    Concert Piece for Cor Anglais & the GPO Orch

    Hi All!

    I've just completed a little piece for solo Cor Anglais with orchestra. It's more or less in classical style and more or less in sonata allegro form. Of course, I broke the "rules" too many times to mention, but that's what they're there for..., right?

    This piece is simple and the solo part is not unnecessarry difficult, so that an average skilled musician should mangage very easily. The mix is not perfect either, but I had a lot of fun doing this and I hope some of you will like it too .


    Thanks for listening.

    Kind Regards


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    Re: Concert Piece for Cor Anglais & the GPO Orch

    I really enjoyed this one,it has a lightness and charm that is quite beguiling.The articulation of the soloist is superb.Perhaps the level of the cor could come up a tad.If someone had told me this was by Wanhal or Stamitz I would'nt have been surprised. You display a very sure grasp of that periods style.
    Superb work.

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    Re: Concert Piece for Cor Anglais & the GPO Orch


    A great piece, outstanding orchestration, and excellent use of GPO although I agree with Joaz that the English Horn can come up a bit.

    I also agree that it is so period-specific that I would be hardpressed to think anyone other than a composer of that time wrote the piece. I didn't listen for flaws in form as the piece moved along so nicely and I was very content listening to what the soloist and orchestra were doing.

    Great work LouisD.

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    Re: Concert Piece for Cor Anglais & the GPO Orch

    OK, Louis, you took lessons from Haydn didn't you? Huh. Didn't you? I love this piece. As Joaz pointed out, your grasp of the classical style is superb. I was very moved by the transition from the intro the soloists entrance as well as many other passages. Is there an Adagio and Presto in the works? Very well done. (P.S. Kick up soloist just a tad)
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    Re: Concert Piece for Cor Anglais & the GPO Orch

    Very very nice. Are you channeling a great composer from the past? Sure sounds like it. The orchestration is superb.

    The English horn seems a little timid and come up a little bit.

    Excellent job. Thanks for posting this.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Concert Piece for Cor Anglais & the GPO Orch

    Thank you everyone for taking the time to listen and comment. I'm really pleased that you like it. I love the Classical Period and find I have to force myself not to always compose in that style. It's probably not very original, but I still like doing it for myself, just for fun....

    I realize the Cor is slightly too quiet, but on the other hand, it's such a delicate instrument that I couldn't get myself to bring it out any more, but I think it could stand out perhaps a little more.

    Anyway, thanks again for all the kind comments.

    Kind Regards


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    Re: Concert Piece for Cor Anglais & the GPO Orch

    Very pleasant, Louis.
    Loved slur/tongue change at 01:32 passage. That staccato is so in style! Loved lightness of strings.
    In cadenza I'd add more pauses between phrases (at 05:10 for example) and a bit of rubato. (Though, that is a matter of performance and every player would do it differently).

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    Re: Concert Piece for Cor Anglais & the GPO Orch

    Louis, this is very nice indeed and I wouldn't be surprised if someone said it was a Mozart Concerto. I would have been surprised, though, if someone said it was from Wanhal or Stamitz....mainly because I've never heard of them. (Please excuse my ignorance Joaz!)

    You're right the balance isn't right and the Coranglais does need to come up in the mix. Trust us.

    The writing and orchestration is brilliant and I would like to hear this finally mixed and polished although it does have a certain period charm as it is.

    I also hear clipping distortion (eg at 4:35), and often hear this in some other mp3s too. I used to think that it was my old sound blaster or headphones which were at fault but now that I have replaced these with more professional units I still hear the problem. Not many others ever mention this so maybe there is something amiss with my system/knowledge?



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    Smile Re: Concert Piece for Cor Anglais & the GPO Orch

    Luis congrats, really!!!
    It seems to hear a Mozart concerto!!!
    You make a great use of GPO: it sounds fantastic!!!
    I love also the melody, but your orchestration is purely great!!!
    Congrats, you have done a great works.
    Best regards,

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    Re: Concert Piece for Cor Anglais & the GPO Orch

    Thanks for listening. I appreciate your comments, they're really encouraging. To be honest, I really intended this to be a symphony. It's something that I've always wanted to do, but just the word 'symphony' sounds a bit threatening and every time, with all the right intentions, the music follows its own way....this time I suddenly heard an English Horn, and it won ....

    Frank, you should try Stamitz, both Johann and his son Carl. Some really stunning music, if you enjoy early classical style.

    Kind regards


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