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Topic: Gigastudio - The VST. Why not?

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    Gigastudio - The VST. Why not?


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    Re: Gigastudio - The VST. Why not?

    Giga runs at the Kernel level of the OS, and is therefore not VSTable.

    This subject has received a lot of attention in past, but I don't know how far back the furm achives go.

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    Re: Gigastudio - The VST. Why not?

    Quote Originally Posted by Not Dudley Simpson
    My question was philosophical rather than technical.....<snip>...So why aren't Tascam considering the format?
    Though the question is philosophical, the answer is technical by it's very nature. Sure, they could code up a VST disk-streaming sampler, after all, many other companies have ....but whilst it might say Giga on the box, it wouldn't perform like Giga, or crucially, BE Giga...

    Giga is distinct in it's use of the conexant patent to access the disk sub-system directly, the use of GSIF to achieve low latency, and other unique pieces of code that make it what it is. Whilst a plug-in based sampler and Giga basically do the same thing, the way in which this is acheived/approached under the hood and in the code is very different.

    As an analogy - One could philosophically ask, why cannot a Tiger be turned into a Wolf? After all, they are both animals, have four legs, breathe air etc....


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    Re: Gigastudio - The VST. Why not?

    Well FX-Max manages to get Giga to work as a VST so I don't see why Tascam couldn't if they wanted to.


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