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Topic: VSL Performance Tool and Giga Problem

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    VSL Performance Tool and Giga Problem

    I'm running GigaStudio 3.1 with the VSL Performance Tool 2.1.1.

    My problem is that I'm getting a short "grace" note before the actual note played. It's a 1/4 tone from above or below the note before the desired note is sounded.

    Can anyone help me with this? Is this something in the setup of VSL Perf Tool or Giga?


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    Re: VSL Performance Tool and Giga Problem

    You might try the VSL forums on vsl.co.at -- the actual VSL folks are there and often answer questions directly.

    That said, are you sure you have the right legato/repetition/alternation setting loaded on the track you're using the legato/repetition/whatever instrument on? Legato instruments DO have a kind of "grace note" built into them when you're NOT playing them through the performance tool. Are you sure you're routing the audio through the tool?

    If so, have you tried just restarting everything? Sorry, I know this is all basic, but when I have this problem one or the other is always the culprit. Sometimes it just needs to have everything reset.

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    Re: VSL Performance Tool and Giga Problem

    You need to load the appropriate .pal file into the Tool so that you can play the corresponding legato instrument. You will get precisely nowhere without doing this.

    Err... it's in the manual.

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    Re: VSL Performance Tool and Giga Problem

    Thanks guys. When all else fails, I should read the manual.


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    Re: VSL Performance Tool and Giga Problem

    VSL also put out a DVD tutorial for the performance tool. At $40 for only about half and hour of tutorials (for a given system, giga or EXS) I found it overpriced, but it is a good way to get started quickly.

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