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Topic: Automating Stylus RMX in Sonar..

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    Question Automating Stylus RMX in Sonar..

    I want to automate the plugin by using Sonar's envelopes and.. there's a problem..

    I added it as an FX plugin.. and tried to automate it by Envelopes>StylusRMX..

    But when I went to the automatable parameters.. It should me just a lot of crap..

    A lot of them were blank.. and a lot were "unknown".. Some made sense..

    There was such as, PT1Volume etc.. but I want such things as cutoff and all that jazz..

    Is that possible?



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    Re: Automating Stylus RMX in Sonar..

    There are far too many parameters in RMX to be accessed via host-based parameter automation (over 10,000!). So, we put the most commonly used parameters (most of the mixer page) on the automation list. For the rest, simply use midi learn to control them from a control surface or to draw them in from your host.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Automating Stylus RMX in Sonar..

    Can I do that without using a keyboard? Because currently, I do not have a keyboard with pitch slider and all that..

    Can I use MIDI learn from within the host itself? Sonar?


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    Re: Automating Stylus RMX in Sonar..

    You can do it without having any hardware faders/knobs. For example - if you want cc09 to control the master filter on a rmx part:

    1. Create a midi envelope on your track. Assign it to cc09. Create some sort of curve so that rmx has some cc messages to pick up.

    (Or, in the piano roll of your midi track draw a line of cc09 changes)

    2. Set sonar to loop over the measure where the cc changes are. Hit play.

    3. In rmx, click midi learn.

    4. Move the filter fader in rmx.

    That should do it.
    Dane Hawkes DiAnda
    C. I. Studios

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    Re: Automating Stylus RMX in Sonar..

    WOW Thank you so much

    That worked out perfectly.. again, thanks

    This place is great..


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