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Topic: Did you notice.......

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    Did you notice.......

    that Styxx's is a nut.

    I just happend to be poking around the web on this hot sleepless night and accidently clicked on Topic starter on one of the threads.
    To my suprise I clicked on Styxx"s name. I did not know that when you do this it brings up all kinds of neat info about the person who started the thread. It has the usual stuff like Styxx's web site ,http://www.twinzzapstudio21.com/
    The traditional join date is displayed, 03/11/2004 and find all posts by Styxxs.
    More intersting though is that he has had 5,512 posts. WOW ! That's alot of typing! More intersting is that his Average posts per day is a whopping 10.78 !!
    WHere do you find the time ????? Since 2003 I've had 194 posts at a shy 0.22 posts per day. You must have fingers like greased lightning.

    So in closing,
    It it is true that it takes one to know one.
    Yes I am a nut, and you my friend are certainly a nut. LOL

    We love you Styxxs,
    and keep those posts coming and our stumachs chuckling.

    I go to bed now.
    (The Nut )


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    Senior Member Styxx's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    West Seneca, NY

    Talking Re: Did you notice.......

    Sometimes you feel like a nut ... sometimes you don't!

    Look ... there's nothing wrong with me, click, wrong with me, click, wrong with me, click ... SLAP! Wrong with me....

    BTW - 91 people have viewed this post ... I don't think they noticed.

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    Re: Did you notice.......

    Nothing -click- wrong with you?

    You're too much, Styxx!

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    Re: Did you notice.......

    Hey, how do you find out how many poeple have viewed this trhead? I don't think I am tired enough to accidently find it.
    (The Nut )


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