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Topic: Not so light.

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    Not so light.

    HI Again,

    Looks like I'm on a roll, a piano roll to be exact. Hardy.. har.. har....

    Here is an other live piano recording I made with GPO. This is for Moviemaestro cuz I owe her one.

    I did this in one take and had a couple of live accidents. I went ahead and left them in there cuz it seems like you never hear mistakes in our music anymore. It's all to perfect sometimes and I am the most guilty.

    This one aint near as light as my last posting " Majestic Interlude."

    Hope you enjoy, cuz if not, I'm going to quit posting my live woiks.
    It's embarasing enough.

    Shadow cat
    (The Nut )


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    Re: Not so light.

    Hi 88fingers

    Piano roll.....that's funny Thank you You're so sweet I really like this one!! It's very nice and full of emotions. Honestly sweetie, you didn't owe me at all I really enjoy your piano works - you're really talented. Again, I have no useful criticism. Excellent work


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    88 - That was very nice and as beautiful as the person you owed it to! BUT YA LEFT ME HANGING AT THE END!
    Seriously, lovely piece. Our other music teacher listen that by the way gave up the midi virtual instrument thingy to concentrate on concert piano. She said the same as my first comment.

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    Re: Not so light.

    Oh shucks guys!!! You're so sweet!!! You're making me blush!!!


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    Re: Not so light.

    Very nice romantic style piece. I might set it up with more of a hall reverb to add some depth...I can picture this lightly wisping up from the stage of a concert hall.
    Bill Wright
    PWA Music

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    Re: Not so light.

    Nice piece and I enjoyed the realism.Nice touch ending on chord V. I can't figure out if having 88 fingers is a help or a hindrance.

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    Re: Not so light.


    Thank you ma'laddy. I am glad you liked the piece. Often I am embarassed to play for people because almost every one and thier uncle can critique piano playing. I don't play for people live very often. I'd rather be known as a composer than just an other one of the billion piano players of the world.

    I will have to send you my western, even in it's unfinished state. I hate to build up a piece that I am not totally happy with. Some times I think it is coming along nicely then I let it set for a few days and upon re-listening I think, "What the heck was I doing? That sounds like garbage."
    I will have to just get it out in the open so that I can look at it at a different angle.

    I love to make my pieces a little unprdicatble to offset how predictably I write. Keep the audience wanting more.


    Thanks bill. I just may try some reverb.

    Yes was fun to end with the hanging V chord, pluss it's in the major lending to the listener not knowing how the piece left them feeling.
    I'm a bit sneaky at times.

    Having 88fingers is very difficult to play the piano, but my grandmother had the hardest time knitting me a pair of gloves for Christmass.

    Needless to say I've only recieved one piar of gloves from her in my whole life.
    (The Nut )


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    Re: Not so light.

    I've thouroughly enjoyed all of your piano pieces!

    I also think that a touch of reverb might be nice.
    But still sounds good as is!


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    Thumbs up Re: Not so light.

    88f, reall yan enjoyable piece.
    It is lovely. I feel a hopeful melody!!
    My congrats it is a great piece,

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    Re: Not so light.

    Quote Originally Posted by 88fingers

    Often I am embarassed to play for people because almost every one and thier uncle can critique piano playing. I don't play for people live very often.
    Lol... don't let that stop you, 88. Once I started playing the wrong danged (Ives) piece -- whilst the orchestra was playing quite a different one. Some idiot critic called it "inspired improvisation in the spirit of Ives' quest for uniting disparate events into a single textural circumstance". [I'm not even sure what that means.] Point being: Criticism can cut either way, and half the time it's wrong, anyway.

    A very, very nice piece -- thoroughly enjoyable -- and personally, I think the V-high ending is perfect.


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