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Topic: GS3 problems with msg.exe crashing system

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    Lightbulb GS3 problems with msg.exe crashing system

    I find GS3 a great program and since they released the latest updates its very stable. At least better then before

    My beef with GS3 is that msg.exe that loads on system startup. It causes problems with XP. I can run GS3 along with Cubase SX for hours without my system hanging.

    I find that when I am using any other apps like Burning DVD's with Nero, after burning 3 or 4 DVDs system hangs or Ripping mp3's with lame mp3 or just regular windows stuff like copying data or moving files to a network drive or even installing programs will cause XP to hang.

    The mouse moves but I can’t shut down the system. Even ctl+alt+del won't let me shut down. I have to do a manual shutdown by pressing the power off button. I wish I would get a blue screen so I can see what error occurs but that never happens.

    When I disable the msg.exe from msconfig I never have any crashes at all. I know that MSG.EXE is the problem and I am wondering if anyone else has experienced any problems like this. I know of others who are using GS3 and have told me they get similar crashes. I advised them to disable msg.exe and then they have no problems.
    I am sure I am not the only one with similar problems maybe you people have had the same problem happen and are wondering what the F*** is going on. I emailed GS3 but they completely ignored the issue.

    I use AMD 3200XP GIGABYTE VIA KT-600 chipset MOBO, 1.5 GIG Kingston RAM all from the Same Batch. Sata IDE onboard controler and Promise IDE TX-4000 Raid controler, with RME 9636 audio card and Matrox G400 video card.

    I am very carefull when i install programs I only install audio related software and the necessities! I have another PC for internet therfore I don't bother browsing on my DAW.

    I am very computer literate and have tried everything even to the point of just installing XP without anything else on it besides GS3 and I get the same problem. System hangs for no reason while trying to do anything else other then working with GS3. I have no IRQ problems or conflicts with drivers. Chipset and drivers are all up to date.

    This really doesn’t make any sense and I really am wondering if anyone of you people has experienced similar problems or there are others who are having similar problems but they never pinpointed it to msg.exe

    MSG.EXE is a serious problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why does Tascam need to use a Game interface with an Audio environment.

    Thank you for listening

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    Re: GS3 problems with msg.exe crashing system

    Msg.exe seems to be a big part of gigastudio -- -- so, you can't run without it, right? If you are getting lockups (I have, too, though not recently) how often, what situations? One thing that seemed to make a difference for me, but maybe it was just superstition, was the speed with which I did things like shutting down after closing gigastudio or starting gigastudio after starting xp. Could these things be varied in your work flow?

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    Re: GS3 problems with msg.exe crashing system

    No you can't run GS3 without msg.exe. But When I disable the msg.exe from startup on msconfig I never have any system hangs whatsoever. System runs smooth without crashes but I can't run gigastudio. So I what I do is when I want to run GS3 I enable msg.exe reboot and then I can startup GS3. So long as I only Use GS3 standalone or with Cubase I never get any problems. Its only when I run other programs or do normal windows stuff that the system hangs. I was almost losing it thinking that maybe it could have been a VST pluggin or something but I reinstalled windows and only drivers and put GS3 only with no other programs and did some moving around of files and bang same problem.
    Also the hangs are random and not consistent. Disable MSG and no problems ever.

    Usualy when I boot the system I wait untill everything has loaded before I attempt to start any program. I am positive that MSG.EXE is the problem. Funny thing is even if you dont run gigastudio that MSG.exe is somewhere in the backround and it makes conflicts with other programs.

    I think TASCAM knows this issue and its got nothing to do with AMD because I have seen the same problems on Intel based PC's. I noticed that every update they did they updated MSG.exe as well.

    I am realizing more why Tascam took forever to release GS3 from GS2 because they where probably having major problems with their coding and in my opinion never really resolved the major bugs.
    I have never seen any software do what GS3 does. Unistall GS3 completely and you have a perfect system install GS3 and all of a sudden system hangs out of nowhere.
    This is totaly ignorance on TASCAMS part.

    Bad coding and crapy support!!!

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    Re: GS3 problems with msg.exe crashing system

    Did you say that you have Nero and GS on the same computer? I'm sure that I've read that that's a "don't do it".


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    Re: GS3 problems with msg.exe crashing system

    Yup, Nero+GS=crash and burn. Though, actually, it's in the other order: burn and crash! :-)

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    Re: GS3 problems with msg.exe crashing system

    I don't see how nero would affect the system as it dosnt load any drivers on XP boot. But I will try and unistall it and see what happens.
    What burning software do you recomend on the GS3 PC
    and would you think that Dameon Tools could cause a problem as well becuse it loads a virtual cd rom driver.

    I need to get to the bottom of this.
    Thanks for replying guys

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    Re: GS3 problems with msg.exe crashing system

    Msg32.exe is the process that deals with Windows kernel in order to store and stream samples from the hard drive. No one really knows the extent of the incompatibily issues that may arise from its interaction with other programs, but there are some known problems, ranging from audio applications to email utilities:

    1 - Hyperthreading is not compatible. (hardware issue)
    2 - Other samplers than GS3 running simultaneously (it´s risky, the results are unpredictable)
    3 - Antivirus Software (also unpredictable)
    4 - Ahead Nero InCD software
    5 - Steinberg tools one VST
    6 - Yamaha Vocal Rack
    7 - NI Absynth
    8 - Cakewalk´s Project 5
    9 - Microsoft Outlook

    The only "safe" way to use GS3 is in a dedicated, optimized machine, if you think it´s worth the pain.

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    Re: GS3 problems with msg.exe crashing system

    Everybody here would advise you to run only GS on your computer, nothing else. Maybe then GS will be a succes, it can not handle anything else. You need at least 3 Ghz processor 2 GB RAM and then you can play the little thingie program called GS. In short it is a trouble program. But i am not allowed to say, sorry for my frustrations i have with GS.
    One advice to get rid of the lunatic GS problems get Kontakt.

    Greetings Resident.

    By the way i'm not really experienced with Kontakt but after two day's of heavy working on instruments within kontakt samples loading unloading timestretching beatslicing effects piano's loading VSL loading replacing instruments saving. All done within Cubase and not a single crash!!!!! If i had done this with GS ohhh my!!!

    OK once and for all GS lovers i did get rid of my GS frustrations somewhere i have to vent this! And this forum is agood place for it. Sorry guys you all payed too much money for a crap program!! It is a fact.

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    Question Re: GS3 problems with msg.exe crashing system

    Quote Originally Posted by musikman
    5 - Steinberg tools one VST
    Musikman, could you explain that one a little more? Thanks.

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    Re: GS3 problems with msg.exe crashing system

    Quote Originally Posted by gugliel
    Msg.exe seems to be a big part of gigastudio
    Big part!!!!!! I call that a "knuffing sh.t" part!

    Sorry again don'nt get upset with my comments!

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