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Topic: Looking for computer builder

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    Looking for computer builder


    I will be buying a Field computer from BSI. Does anyone know of music computer builders in the US. Looking for someone to set-up the on-the-go computer to run smoothly:
    Cakewalk 9
    gigasampler 64
    video factory 2.0

    Thanks for any links. I\'m already in contact with Soundchaser so need to mention them. Any others that are respected and resonable in price and excellent in quality?

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    Re: Looking for computer builder

    Jim Roseberry at Studiocat will do a great job for you. www.studiocat.com

    -- Martin

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    Re: Looking for computer builder

    Thanks, mschff, for the link.

    Anybody know
    other builders that will build a spec\'d computer as I\'d like...preferrably in the western part of the States?

    Just trying to gather names and links right now...before I negotiate.

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