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Topic: DFD Working on Mac?

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    DFD Working on Mac?

    Is anyone having success with DFD 1.2 on a Mac. I\'m having major problems with cpu spikes. This problem is there with only one instrument loaded. Yes I\'ve tried adjusting everything one can adjust with little to no affect. If I disable DFD everything works well. This is driving me crazy as I love everything about Kontakt. I used to use Halion and I could get 30-50 streaming voices on my 3 yr old iMac.
    If no one has this working, is there any info on an update?

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    Re: DFD Working on Mac?

    Se the thread below, \"When will the next update be\"

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    Re: DFD Working on Mac?

    Kontakt 1.2 dfd has some severe problems streaming on a Mac. NI is aware of it and I\'m sure they will fix it as soon as they can figre it out. At this point Halion is the only other streaming option for the Mac. Hopefully Motu\'s Mach 5 will be stable. We\'ll see.

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    Re: DFD Working on Mac?

    Ehm, don\'t forget EXS and Unity Session also do streaming on the Mac.

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