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Topic: New composer resource

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    New composer resource

    Sometime ago I posted a link to a site which offers aspiring composers a chance to have their work rehearsed live on-line by real musicians. There is no catch. The site belongs to the Philharmonia Orchestra, one of the major London symphony orchestras. The rehearsal sessions are a new innovation as part of its music education programme, called SoundExchange. The idea is that three or four times a year, a small group of musicians from the orchestra assemble in a studio and work on the selected pieces for 15 minutes each. Anyone can submit music for consideration. About once a year, the intention is to assemble a full orchestra, but normally it will be small groups. The first of these sessions took place on 6th July at Imperial College, part of the University of London. I am delighted to say that one of my pieces, Waltz for Strings (posted here as a demo a while ago) was among the selected pieces. Videos of the sessions, ten in all, plus the scores were posted today on the website, so you can check it out if interested. It is a genuinely open initiative. Works selected included two from USA (one New York and the other California), and submissions from Italy, Austria and Israel as well as UK. The composer logs in at the given time, the music is rehearsed live, and the composer can comment via a white board. The results are later posted on the site, and the composer gets a CD of his or her own bit. I found the session very useful indeed, not just my session, but the others as well, which I could also follow from the score. The types of music were extremely varied, and some compositions were still at a formative stage. Longer pieces, obviously, could not be fully rehearsed. The link is http://www.philharmonia.co.uk/thesoundexchange/
    The next session will be for wind quartet with some percussion and will take place in October. Deadline for sending scores for consideration is late September.

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    Re: New composer resource

    Thanks for the link! This definitely looks worth pursuing, I'll be looking into it for sure.
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    Re: New composer resource

    Thanks for the link, Dermod. It looks very interesting.

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    Re: New composer resource

    Great site thanks for posting!

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