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Topic: Ascension

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    I remixed my old piece with GPO strings. I believe it sounds better. Tell me if you recognize something familiar in coda .
    Ascension. 5 min.
    Thanks for taking time to listen.

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    Re: Ascension

    I enjoyed this piece,nicely chilled with some expressive lead sounds.

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    Re: Ascension

    sfiks, the XP60 just shows how effective simple electronic generated sounds can be.

    This would be fun though, if you want to, send me the midi track for the organ sound, I will make you a Hammond B3 with Leslie track, and send it back to you, then you can insert it into the song.

    Cool stuff!
    Let me know,

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    Re: Ascension

    Nice piece with some very good melodies. Very nicely mixed too.
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    Re: Ascension

    Thanks for the comments, guys. As I can see from statistics on ACID at least 20 people listened to the piece. That alone makes me happy.
    Dan, I'm grateful for your kind offer and I will definitely PM you.
    BTW, if you could tell David Collet from Seattle (I believe you know him) that he can listen to the string quartet “The Story of The Red Rose” of A. Brick on my ACID page here.

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    Re: Ascension

    Really nice job on this, sfiks. There's quite a bit of "classical" influence rolled under the smooth surface of this... the dialogues, the strong use of counter-melodic techniques, etc. Fine writing!


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    Re: Ascension

    Thanks for the comment, David.

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