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Topic: Any advantage to full Kontakt?

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    Any advantage to full Kontakt?


    I have several instruments now that have the kompakt plugin - Symphonic Choirs, GPO, StormDrum, soon VGP and likely others in the future.

    What are the advantages to owning full Kompakt or is there really not much benefit at all?



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    Re: Any advantage to full Kontakt?

    Kontakt 2 offers quite a few great features. Most notably is the KSP engine, which allows you to easily load NI or user-created scripts. The TKT script that was posted here a few weeks ago, for example, does a fantastic job of eliminating the "machine gun effect" present even in libraries like QLSO Gold in fast string/bell/horn runs. You also have scripts like PSR to add another layer of realism to your samples. In addition, K2 has a revamped audio, DFD, and RAM-handling engine. You may find you are able to load more instruments more efficiently with this new engine. Not to mention you now have access to up to 64 outs per instance rather than just 8 in a Kompakt player.

    Now, the main allure of K2 would be all its editing features. There is a massive amount of modules from reverb, to distortion, to filters, envelopes, LFOs.. and different algorithms for all of that. This may not be as useful to you if you ONLY want to play back the samples and do nothing else with them, but it doesn't hurt to have. Finally, don't forget the new convolution reverb which sounds great as well.
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    Re: Any advantage to full Kontakt?

    Steve - -

    Be aware that by owning GPO and other "player" Kontakts, you qualify for the "cross-grade" (which is list of $339 rather than the full price of $579). I got full Kontakt 2 shortly after it became available and it's my sampler of choice now (over HALion3). Much wiser interface (thought it's not perfect) and I also use most of the EWQLSO/Gold instruments through K2 because of increased control. (Also, the "Theo Krueger Technique" patches for rapid repeating instruments only works within K2 as the player version for EW is still based on 1.5x Kontakt.)

    i hope this helps ... KevinKauai

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    Re: Any advantage to full Kontakt?

    $289.97 w/ free shipping at Sweetwater .


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    Re: Any advantage to full Kontakt?

    $289.97 upgrade from Kontakt for a limited time through the NI webstore as well...

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