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Topic: "Big Apple" - new mp3

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    "Big Apple" - new mp3

    Hey ladies,

    Been working on this piece for what feels like eons - would like to share it here. Solo trumpet parts played by yours truly.

    ( http://www.aaronsapp.com/big_apple.mp3 )

    Strings: SISS, VSL, GOS, QLSO
    Brass: SIB, QLSO, SAM, VSL
    Woods: SIW, VSL
    Percussion: SAM Freebies, LOP, QLSO, G-Town


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    Re: "Big Apple" - new mp3

    I love it man, i just love it. Sounds like you worked long and hard on it! Some of those chords changes in the middle are really attention grabbing. Very good work! Mind if I ask what you used to make it happen?

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    Re: "Big Apple" - new mp3

    Crap .. if i would have only read further down your post. hah

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    Re: "Big Apple" - new mp3

    Wow, that's really great. Keep up the good work!

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    Budleigh Salterton

    Re: "Big Apple" - new mp3

    Gotta tell you - I like that and the sound mostly. What time zone would put that in?

    It sounds almost like incidental music from either Guys & Dolls or An American in Paris to me.


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    Re: "Big Apple" - new mp3

    Great stuff as always, Aaron! Like the second half. Very "early elfman"

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    Re: "Big Apple" - new mp3

    Yo Aaron, wussup dude! Nice work there buddy It definitely captures that 'NYC' feel.
    Hope you're doing well!

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    Thumbs up Re: "Big Apple" - new mp3

    nice trumpet playing ! I also loved the song. And all the different sample libraries work well together.

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    Re: "Big Apple" - new mp3

    Awesome piece Aaron!


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    Re: "Big Apple" - new mp3

    Rave: It's a great piece, this really shows that believability comes from the composition just as much as the sounds (if not more).

    Rant: I'm annoyed that every time there's a root-fifth type of bass line or some playful brass parts in a piece, Elfman is always invoked. He didn't invent the style, there are tons of other illustrious composers who used that compositional technique way before him, and many others who continue to, and yet the guy who sang "Weird Science" has to take the credit? There are more composers out there than Zimmer and Elfman people....go out there and listen to some Gershwin, or even some Sondheim...gasp!!!
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