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Topic: Help with QS8, Dakota & Giga

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    Help with QS8, Dakota & Giga

    Hi, guys, I\'m really new to all this samples stuff, so please bare with me for what I imagine is an easily fixed problem, but after going through four different guides and help menus, I\'m getting really confused about it all.

    I recently got a DAW from Soundchaser and I just bought an Alesis QS8 to use as a controller. My DAW has the Dakota soundcard. Well, I got the MIDI cable connected from the MIDI out on the Alesis to the MIDI in #1 port using the four pronged connecter going into the midi port on the soundcard. I\'m not getting any MIDI signal to my sequencer and Giga. I suspect it has something to do with the patchbay in the Dakota control panel, but the Dakota interface has me pretty confused. Is there some kind soul out there who has had experience working with the QS8 together with the Dakota who could offer me some advice?

    Thanks, Brad

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    Re: Help with QS8, Dakota & Giga

    In the QS8 global edit menu, is it setup to receive midi via midi or serial? Also, in Dakota control panel did you enable midi?

    Dakota control panel is simple enough, what don\'t you understand?

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    Re: Help with QS8, Dakota & Giga

    Hi, Sam, thanks for your reply. In the Global Edit menu, it\'s set up to receive and send via midi (not the serial port) and I have midi cables hooked into the break out cable on the Dakota. In the Dakota, I have \"2x2\" checked in the midi mode box (not \"disabled\"). I\'m thinking that there may be something wrong with the cables and that it might be better to use the serial port. I\'m going to buy a serial connector tomorrow and see if that does the trick.

    As far as the Dakota control panel goes, is there any way to tell if it\'s receiving midi? I\'m confused by the Optical A-D and the coax indicators. Do these only tell if your receiving audio signals and not actual midi data?


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    Re: Help with QS8, Dakota & Giga

    Hmm, sounds like you did all the right stuff. The lights on Dakota control panel tell you when you have a valid audio input and when devices have claimed outputs, and they tell you if it looks like clocks are mostly ok, ie you can see when clock slips.

    There are no midi indications and no midi patchbay. I\'m out of good ideas, test your cables, it should just work. Sounds like you need more test cases to know what fails and what doesn\'t...

    I wouldn\'t mess with the dedicated serial midi (probably superstition on my part) tho it worked well for me yikes 4 years or more ago. Was the QS8 purchased used? (Just curious...)

    Also IIR the serial cable is a mac printer cable (I could be wrong). I think there might be a more common cable that fits but doesn\'t work. I assume you double checked your dakota and QS8 ins and outs, but you didn\'t say you tested them with other gear.

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    Re: Help with QS8, Dakota & Giga

    Hey, Sam, thanks again for your reply. I\'ve actually been composing without a keyboard for years (just clicking and dragging in a MIDI sequencer) and decided to take advantage of Giga\'s capabilities by playing music live on a keyboard, so the Alesis is my first one and I didn\'t have any other gear to test the cables on. It did turn out to be the cables, though, even though I just bought them the day before. I went out yesterday and bought more expensive ones and everything works great now. Thanks again for your help


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    Re: Help with QS8, Dakota & Giga

    Cables, what kind of worthless cables come bad? Glad to hear it\'s working, welcome to the modern age of music 8^) QS8\'s a pretty cool controller.

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