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Topic: Writers Flood --Fugueing the Prelude

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    Writers Flood --Fugueing the Prelude

    I am having a big problem. I read often about writers block, but currently I am suffering from the opposite condition. I am drowning in ideas waiting to be developed. I can't get them all down fast enough. I don't know why this is happening, but I suspect some of it is because in spite of arthritis, I am practicing the piano more, which actually helps the arthritis. Maybe it is because I am taking my asthma med more often and consequently getting more restful sleep (when I can turn off the ideas long enough to fall asleep). Whatever the cause, I have sufficient ideas brewing to keep me busy for a long time.

    Here is the current result of my writers flood.

    To Look:
    Fugueing the Prelude (Nr 1)

    To Listen:
    Fugueing the Prelude (Nr 1) MP3

    I suppose it could subtitled "AC-DC Variations", which is really what it is.


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    Re: Writers Flood --Fugueing the Prelude

    Writers flood?!

    Ha… Good one…!

    I've suffered with this syndrome quite often myself.

    The danger is becoming too overwhelmed, thereby getting nothing done. (been there)

    The key is prioritizing… and sacrifice.

    A pity…

    .. So may ideas,…. yet so little time

    Wonderful harmonics!, by the way

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