Figured I'd post this here - someone might be able to help and any solution might help another sap somewhere

I'm running LE7 on a MacMini streaming samples from a networked PC. I record al audio to an external hard drive connected via USB OR FW to the MacMini. I've completed several projects in this fashion with a great deal of success.

However, today, after upgrading to Tiger, there is suddenly a ten second delay and the 'spinning wheel of death' whenever I arm an audio track and press record. There is no problem with midi or instrument tracks. I made no modifications to the audio path prior to this.

When I change the audio path to the Mini's HD, all is well - except I don't want to record that way. I have tried moving the external HD to FW, a different bus and varying degrees of startup
I have repaired permissions, etc.

Anything I'm missing???