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Topic: Additional HDs--Which kind?

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    Additional HDs--Which kind?

    Hello. I have one 30Gig IDE ATA100 HD I\'m using for GigaStudio. I realize that I\'m going to need more HD space soon! I wanted to ask some counsel about which kind of HD is best for sample storage. The one I have now is an IBM Deskstar which at the time was one of the fastest IDE drives. Will I need to get equally fast HDs so sample streaming will be the same? What are a few suggestions for 60 or 80 Gig ATA100 HDs for GS? Do they need to be 7200RPM? Why does it say in the GS manual that you can even use the network to load samples (if the network is much slower than a local HD)? If one song uses samples from different HDs, it seems that they\'d all need to be the same speed so the song plays in the same time?
    Thanks for your help with this.


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    Re: Additional HDs--Which kind?

    I have been very pleased with the IBM deskstar series of drives (60GXP). They\'re still really solid performers, especially in Giga and for audio work in general - not to mention that they are very reliable. They are available in up to 75GB versions now as well.


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