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Topic: Quicksound Database-no +signs!!!!!!

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    Quicksound Database-no +signs!!!!!!

    Is anyone experiencing Quicksound Database Corruption problems? I've reformated the C drive (system) the D drive (giga files) and am about ready to go to the painful execution of reformating the E drive.

    For some reason right after I loaded the free sounds download from VSL (Which I Really don't think had anything to do with it) it all went to !@#$ in a hand basket! Thinking it might be a virus, I completely reformated everything and did clean installs. (I recopied all of the gig sound files back over from computer #2) I can load in existing templates but there is nothing listed in my hard drives-not even folders! (on the left pane)

    Oh yeah, I've already thrown out the db folder in the Tascam folder and done the quicksound update and it doesn't even recognize drive E. Drive D is recognized but it doesn't list the sounds! I know this may sound a bit confusing (it is for me) but if anyone has a clue please let me know. I actually make my living with these things and it's killing me!

    Rob Pottorf

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    Re: Quicksound Database-no +signs!!!!!!

    this thread comes up about every other week in this forum -- check your options in quicksound search, "show only instruments ..." or one of the others, forget which. Anyway, the plus sign loss is an option that got checked or unchecked.

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    Re: Quicksound Database-no +signs!!!!!!

    First of all, thanks for the reply. Interestingly enough I did a search on this
    forum all the way back to the first of the year and didn't find a thing about this issue. If I'm missing something let me know. But in the mean time I'll give what you advised a shot.

    Rob Pottorf

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    Re: Quicksound Database-no +signs!!!!!!

    Haven't experienced that... I've had things not come up in the right pane (because of what gug suggested, or because I had forgotten to type something (*.gig) into the search pane, or whatever, but never had a problem with the left pane.

    But since it seems to be a database issue, not a disk issue (since you can access the sounds) maybe uninstall and reinstall giga if you haven't already. Don't just run the uninstaller in the giga folder -- use the "giga clean" I think it's called which is in the Utils folder on the install disks for giga 3. Then reinstall. That should really get rid of any lingering files associated with the database in case that's causing you your problems. And it doesn't really take long to do... beats reformatting drives anyway. Oh, just make sure you know where you've backed up your registration before doing this, or you have to reauthorize (pain in the bum).

    Good luck!


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    Re: Quicksound Database-no +signs!!!!!!

    p.s. What gug is referring to is the plus signs disappearing in the right pane, I believe. That's happened to me and it does indeed come up all the time on the boards. It sounds to me like your problem may be different if it's truly not recognizing a drive and if the left pane is involved.

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    Re: Quicksound Database-no +signs!!!!!!

    Thanks tcovem,

    Yeah, this unfortunately seems to be a database issue. I've had this happen on all 3 machines now and a friend of mine in England has experienced the same thing! Very strange! I did manage to find this thread and tried it. It did bring back some of my folders but the majority were still missing. Here's that thread:

    If you see your giga folders are not displaying in Gigastudio 3.

    1) Close Gigastudio 3.
    2) Goto Control Panel > Administration Tools > Componet Services >
    3) In componet services, double click Serivces (Local)
    4) Find Crypkey License & Cryptographic Services.
    5) Right click on both and hit restart.
    6) Restart Gigastudio 3.

    THe refresh quick sound box should show correctly

    7) hit update

    and your missing .gig 's show show properly~

    I have reinstalled Giga and even have gone as far as reinstalling the OS with only luck after a few tries (meaning reinstalls) but everytime I install a new sound I go through this! What a pain!

    Anyway thanks again for the response.

    Rob Pottorf

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    Re: Quicksound Database-no +signs!!!!!!

    sorry to mis-interpret your question, was basing my answer on your subject header "no plus signs". The quicksound database is a set of simple files on your disk, in a directory called "db".

    Might be worth finding that and seeing how it looks. There are .idx (index) and .dat (data) files in it. The ins.dat contains information about each instrument in your libraries, some in binary and the name in plain text. As long as you don't save it (!) you can look at it with notepad. Mine has 1143 lines, presumably one per instrument on my disks.

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    Re: Quicksound Database-no +signs!!!!!!

    I believe he is experiencing th esame propblem I have just started to have. The lnstruments in the instrument list window no longer have plus (+) signs next to them, so you cannot view the individual instruments. It becomes necessary to load the entire instrument, select the instrument you want and delete the rest (or select 'unload unmapped') in the audition window.

    It doesn't matter whether the option is checked or not, suddenly the capability is gone.

    I'm going to try to rebuild the database in case that is the issue, but it does not seem to have occurred from adding gig files, so I don't expect much. I'll report back.
    Update: It rebuilt fine, did not fix the problem.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Quicksound Database-no +signs!!!!!!

    thesoundsmith: THAT problem is an option check box, really! At least it was for me when it first appeared. Review your settings in quicksound, gigastudio settings.

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    Re: Quicksound Database-no +signs!!!!!!

    What I'm saying is that it doesn't matter whether the box is checked or not. It doesn't show the expansion. Really! It was working fine last week, and then it wasn't...

    Probably need a full reinstall, something got corrupted. Maybe it's political?
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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