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Topic: To Elle about Toshiba Tecra

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    To Elle about Toshiba Tecra


    You have posted that you own the newer Dell Inspiron (not the Tecra as I first listed!!!) and got it going okay with a utility that corrects the fan mess up.

    Well, I just want to know if the Dell 8100 is able to run a sequencer and gigasampler 64 together.

    I need at least 64 voice polyphony with maybe 3-5 tracks of audio running simultaneously.

    Can the 8100 handle that? Or have your tests been solely using Giga with no sequencer in the same laptop?

    Thanks for any answer you can give.

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    Re: To Elle about Toshiba Tecra

    Sorry to disappoint you...

    I do not YET own a Dell 8100. I just closely followed the discussion since I plan to buy one.

    Here\'s the latest report from Matthias from RME :

    Today I did latency tests on my 8100 (Bios A03) using Micha Henze\'s fan control utility.

    I added Windows 2000 SP2 (to the existing Win ME installation) and installed all W2k drivers from the Dell driver CD.

    Without this tool the Inspiron behaved as known. Random clicks and crackles when the Hammerfall DSP is set below 23 ms latency, and when the fans switch on/off one must choose 46 ms to gain reliable click free
    performance. When I used the program to set one of the fans to slow this seemed to be sufficient to never let the BIOS control the fan any further. So the latency could be set to 23 ms. At 12 ms still random
    clicks, which are obviously not related to the fans but to other ACPI calls, occured.

    Windows 2000:
    Without this tool the Inspiron already behaved like a desktop. No clicks and crackles even at 1.5 ms latency (eat this!). But when the fans switch on/off one must choose 46 ms to gain reliable click free performance. Now here the fan control tool totally cleaned up the system from any clicks! Seeing how the Inspiron did a 24 track project playback at 1.5 ms, while I used the LM4 and some other plugs plus doing ASIO software monitoring...I checked this for 20 minutes because I couldn\'t
    believe it - it was exactly what we all want to have! Fabulous!

    Under Win2000 and using Micha Henze\'s small tool the Inspiron is already the dream machine (remember my previous post about its calculation power and overall Plug-In performance?)


    Under WinME Dell needs not only to remove the fan problem, but to generally improve the ACPI/BIOS/mobo communication, to catch up with other manufacturers (6 ms click free...).

    Matthias Carstens

    So;..from a performance/capacity point combining a sequencer and a 64voice GS ...\"should\".. work.

    You could also ask Matthias (rme-audio.de) and/or some of the Dell-adepts on the GS list at tascam.com

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    Re: To Elle about Toshiba Tecra

    Hi Elle,

    How funny...I actually thought you were the guy from RME. Oh well.

    Thanks for posting his results again. It seems he\'s using ME and 2000 but I still think Giga is doomed to 98SE for now, no?

    I thought 2000 drivers weren\'t ready yet...maybe I\'m mistaking.

    If anyone reads this and has a DEL (or any laptop) and is successfully ruinning Giga with a sequencer please let me know your set-up, how much you paid, when you got it, where you got it.


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