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Topic: Help: cannot convert AKAI S1000 in GS3.0.4

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    Help: cannot convert AKAI S1000 in GS3.0.4

    I just got Spectrasoncis Symphony of Voices in AKAI/EMU format. In documentaiton they state it is AKAI S1000 format. The CD set is version 1.1.

    I have Gigastudio Orchestra V3.0.4.

    When I put a CD in the drive the gigastudio states it is "unknown format" within the quicksound.

    How do I start the Sconvert? Is this normal behavior? What did I miss?

    Was I supposed to install Sconvert when installing Gigastudio or perhaps I forgot to select it for installation?

    Any ideas?

    [I have a good and very stable system with 2G RAM, huge drives, 3.2 GHz Pentium 4, it works perfectly well in all other music/audio aspects]

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Help: cannot convert AKAI S1000 in GS3.0.4

    Here is more info... It looks like that my old system works fine. So far I think there is some problem with either CD drive drivers or motherboard settings. Did anyone experience similar problems?

    My CD drive on new system is Plextor PX-716A - combo CD/DVD RW drive.

    I use Windows XP SP1, MOBO is P5AD2-E Premium, CPU is 3.2 GHz Pentium 4 with 2MB cache, hyperthreading disabled.

    Other then this conversion, everything else works perfectly well!


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    Re: Help: cannot convert AKAI S1000 in GS3.0.4

    In 3.1 anyway, Gigastudio settings, Akai converter: has a bunch of options, though I've never used them myself.

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    Re: Help: cannot convert AKAI S1000 in GS3.0.4

    I haven't tried loading Akai-format media in a while but my recollection is that GS was expecting to find it on a scsi interface. Back when I was doing things like that I used a Plextor 820 for CDs and/or a Scsi Zip drive and never had a problem. It's also possible that its looking for some ASPI support which is missing in current atapi drivers... you might check to see if you can download some enhanced 3rd party ASPI software from a controller munufacturer like Adaptec.


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    Re: Help: cannot convert AKAI S1000 in GS3.0.4

    Thanks for the pointers...

    I'll try finding better ASPI software.


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    Re: Help: cannot convert AKAI S1000 in GS3.0.4

    I verified the drivers between my old system and new system. Both have exactly the same XP drivers.

    The problem might be related to usage of SATA controller on my new system. The same controller has SATA hard disk drivers and CD/DVD combo drive connected. It is doing probably some sort of IDE emulation for the CD drive. That seems to be the only substantial difference between the two systems (other than different model of a CD drive).

    The Gigastudio probably uses some sort of low level access to read the AKAI format and that type of access fails when CD is on a SATA controller which emulates IDE. Still, this might be due to drivers that are not good enough. (the old system uses IDE controller so it probably would not require any special drivers)

    If I ever solve this problem I would post the results.


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    Re: Help: cannot convert AKAI S1000 in GS3.0.4

    Could be the CD drive or its firmware version. You might try swapping the drives between the systems. And/or checking with the drive manufacturer about firmware updates.


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