To all the lucky muckers

If anyone out there is getting Giga Studio to work (on a dedicated machine) with NO pops, clicks etc. And achieving the full 160 notes of polyphony then please tell me how the hell you are doing it.

Specs please:

SCSI/UDMA Hard drive
Soundcard (If you have a Delta-66 I\'d really like to know)

MIDI controller (USB, Serial, network)
Graphics Card (Does this matter? even if acceleration is turned off?)


Virtual Memory
Read ahead optimisation
95 98 98se Me
Crucial Bios settings
Extra ordinary settings like changing the windows shell from explorer to gigastudio

Library size (I get 160 using Gigapiano but not with my orchestral library - there I am peaking at 140)

I realise that there is probably no real perfect system out there. They\'re all gonna crash at some point. But there has to be some that crash less than others

If you do have a “perfect” giga system but you are thinking to yourself: “I can’t be bothered” – just think of the pain and suffering that can be ended by your simple worldly words of wisdom!