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Topic: Artvista to Canada

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    Artvista to Canada

    Has anyone ordered anything from Art Vista to Canada? Just curious how long it takes to get here. I'm dyin' waiting for my VGP to arrive (ordered it last week).


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    Re: Artvista to Canada

    I've ordered the Malmsjo. Got here (Montreal) real fast If I remember correctly. It's actually shipping from California (I think) so that should be quick.

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    Re: Artvista to Canada

    Are there any huge tariffs, taxes, duties, levies, or any other fees the Canadian boarder nails you with? ( as if we're not taxed enough!)

    Beware… As a Canadian, ordering software from the U.S., I remember paying an additional 12 % on top of the final purchase price.

    .. Nothing like paying taxes on top of taxes.

    Try to get a secondary cheaper invoice price. (it could save you money)

    Just have the company include a second invoice deep inside the shipping box.. Guaranteed it'll be discovered when the Canadian boarder rips the box to shreds trying to open it..

    … they always do.

    ..…my daily rant.

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    Re: Artvista to Canada

    I'm about an hour from Toronto. The order seemed to take awhile, but I didn't actually keep track of how much time it took.

    I find things often get held up at the border, and I suspect customs, or even the extra security that is in place, since 9/11.

    However, no extra charges in my case.

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    Re: Artvista to Canada

    I'm in Toronto
    and it is taking along time.
    I was just starting to get worried that
    it was lost.


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    Re: Artvista to Canada

    Peterborough here. So with any luck, should be soonish..


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    Re: Artvista to Canada

    7 days apparently.

    very nice



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